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Sheryl’s latest romance book:
“The Purrfect Romance - A Catalyst For Love"

Jake Anderson is a heartbroken, rugged, brash, and handsome Australian who has relocated to Vermont. There, he meets Lacey Belle Robertson, a charming southern belle from Charleston, SC who has inherited her grandparents’ palatial home in Ascot Vale, VT. The little village is filled with warm, memorable characters, and one outstanding tuxedo cat, who seems to possess healing powers. Read about Jake, Lacey Belle, Aunt Lois and Alex, who is the real owner of TC (whom he calls Jingles,) although many of the townspeople would like to claim him as their own. They all have their own name for him and he charms everyone with whom he comes in contact, except perhaps, Jake, who calls him Boofhead.

Jake and Lacey Belle are like oil and water when they first meet. Can Uncle Alex and TC help to ease Jake’s heartbreak and bring he and Lacey together?

The story takes place in a 13 month period from November of the first year until New Year’s Eve of the following year.

The story is also an introduction to the Australian slang known as Strine. You’ll be delighted by the people and before you can say “Bob’s Your Uncle,” you’ll too be speaking Strine like an Aussie. Fair Dinkum!