The Chocolatier and the Maitre Patissier - From Paris with Love

Angelique attends Escoffier L’ecole Patisserie in Paris, where she studies to become a master pastry chef. On the wings of the Fates, Philippe, a master chocolatier, enters her life. In four romantic days, the couple develops an indestructible bond.

Unfortunately, Angelique has finished her studies in Paris. Her very own pastry shop awaits in New Orleans. Worlds apart, the couple bid adieu and go their separate ways.

Can Angelique find amour in the arms of another?

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Searching For Love - Love Lost, Love Found

After a few months of dating, Tiffany Smith accepts Cale Kelly’s hasty marriage proposal. There was no doubt he loved her; the engagement ring was terribly expensive. Then, one day, the real Cale Kelly emerges. Cale is addicted to women, and this realization shatters Tiffany’s heart.

In search of solitude, Tiffany flees to Down East Maine. A fit of anger causes her to throw the expensive ring into the ocean. Afterwards, Tiffany realizes she’s done the unthinkable, and now, she desperately searches the water’s edge for the ring.

Keith Palmer is walking along the beach with his metal detector. Perhaps, he’ll help her recover the coveted ring. Pushing all hurt aside, Tiffany finds an instant attraction to the 6’1 beachcomber. Right now, Keith is the breath of fresh air Tiffany needs. Maybe she’s found something more priceless than a ring. Can one week of bliss equal a lifetime of happiness?

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"Romance Chocolates" is a delicious collection of 15 short stories of sensual love, romance, and an extra added touch of chocolate recipes included with each story. The stories are for people of any age, for those who have ever been in love, lost their love, renewed their love or are looking for love ... and romance, of course. These stories take place in different parts of the country and world but the theme is universal - Love! Settle back in a comfortable place, light a candle or two, dim the lights to a cozy reading level, scent the air with your favorite perfume and you have all the makings for a wonderful romantic, sensual experience.

Romance Chocolates is like a delicious box of sweet confections sure to please everyone's appetite.

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Sheryl’s latest romance book: “The Purrfect Romance - A Catalyst For Love"

Jake Anderson is a heartbroken, rugged, brash, and handsome Australian who has relocated to Vermont. There, he meets Lacey Belle Robertson, a charming southern belle from Charleston, SC who has inherited her grandparents’ palatial home in Ascot Vale, VT. The little village is filled with warm, memorable characters, and one outstanding tuxedo cat, who seems to possess healing powers. Read about Jake, Lacey Belle, Aunt Lois and Alex, who is the real owner of TC (whom he calls Jingles,) although many of the townspeople would like to claim him as their own. They all have their own name for him and he charms everyone with whom he comes in contact, except perhaps, Jake, who calls him Boofhead.

Jake and Lacey Belle are like oil and water when they first meet. Can Uncle Alex and TC help to ease Jake’s heartbreak and bring he and Lacey together?

The story takes place in a 13 month period from November of the first year until New Year’s Eve of the following year.

The story is also an introduction to the Australian slang known as Strine. You’ll be delighted by the people and before you can say “Bob’s Your Uncle,” you’ll too be speaking Strine like an Aussie. Fair Dinkum!